Google Update Morning Brief

Get the latest trends from Google

Morning Brief at 13 December 8:45-10:30 am CET

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Get an exclusive preview of the latest trends from Google which will give directions on the future developments

As marketers in this digital age, it is no secret that Google plays a crucial role in marketing. How well you understand workings of Google, and how to adhere to best practices, will determine your success or failure in marketing today.

Google has built its success on matching their visitors needs with the best answers to what they are looking for, when they are looking for it and now (with today’s smartphone revolution)  where they are.

As a premium Google partner, IIH Nordic will present the updates on the four key areas of Google


Google Directions - Steen Rasmussen - IIH Senior Parnter
Steen will give an overview of Google’s most recent directions and an insight on the their 360 suite that was released this year.


Search Engine Optimisation - Christian Doeleman
Google will most likely be driving 90-97% of the organic traffic to your site, but is this optimised with the right traffic?


Online Advertising - Google - Thomas Herman
What are the developments with retargeting, display advertising and how has the surge in mobile impacted online advertising?


Analytics, Data and Reporting - Mark Edmonson
The standard setup of your Google Analytics account is no longer good enough for business. Advanced reporting, integration of other data sources and tagging for deeper usage and visitor segmentation are minimum requirements to serve your brand.


08:45 - Registration, Light Breakfast

09:00 - Latest developments and directions from Google - Steen Rasmussen

09:15 - SEO Update - Christian Doeleman-Lassen

09:30 - Online Advertising Update - SEM/PPC - Thomas Hermann

09:45 - Deeper Data, Insights & reporting - Mark Edmonson

10:00 - Q&A

10:10 - Networking

10:30 - Event Ends

Practical information

Venue: Artillerivej 86, 2300 CPH S

Duration: 1 hour 45 min

Service: Light breakfast

Max participants: 60

Price: Free


Steen Rasmussen om Google 360  Steen Rasmussen

Web Analytics Evangelist, International Speaker & Co-founder IIH Nordic

Steen has worked dedicated with online media and web analytics for the last 16 years as a consultant, trainer and speaker and have specialized in turning digital analytics data into specific business actions.


 Thomas Hermann

Head of SEM, IIH Nordic

As a team lead for the SEM team, Thomas has had the opportunity to work with big clients and ensures they created value and conversions on paid advertising. 


 Mark Edmondson 

Data Insight Developer, IIH Nordic

Marks works with various digital data sources to try and turn it into information and insight. Mark has worked with a variety of data from international companies across many sectors.


 Christian Doeleman-Lassen

Head of SEO, IIH Nordic

Christian has 15+ years experience with SEO, and his speciality includes diving into huge amount of data and thereby ensuring that enterprises use their full potential.