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Morning Brief with IIH Nordic

Lead Generation Morning Brief - 2. June 2016

Come to our lead generation morning brief on June 2,  8:45 to 10:15. Are you attracting the right leads, and managing to retain them through to purchase? With increasing competition, it has become imperative that companies have an overview of which tools they can use to increase sales.

You will learn about: 


  • What online channels that are stronger for lead generation
  • Developing and collect leads with the right content
  • And how to maintain leads over time and develop them using marketing automation


In this intensive hour you will gain some insights into how LinkedIn, YouTube and various remarketing tools can make pinpoint maneuvers targeted directly to your potential customers.

At the same time, we will present a number of case studies where the combination of white papers, checklists and email marketing trigger flows affect leads - and enriching CRM data, where the sales department becomes equipped to contact prospects at the right time.

Come and be inspired and entertained by Martin Trasmundi and Niels Tybjerg in a session that will open your eyes to new methods and opportunities for your lead generation.


Morning program: 

8:45 - 9:00: Registration, coffee and croissants

9:00 - 10:00: Presentation of lead generation strategies and successful cases

10:00 - 10.15: Networking


We look forward to seeing you.

Practical information

Venue: Artillerivej 86, 2300 Cph S

Duration: 1 hour 15 min

Service: Coffee and crossaints

Max participants: 40

Price: Free




Martin Trasmundi - Digital Business Advisor 

Martin is a specialist in online advertising. He focuses on how to optimize your online marketing and generate increased profits and more traffic.