The future of media is measurement

Learn how to master the data

Understand the future of media June 16 at 9 am CET in Copenhagen

It is no news that the world of media companies is changing. What used to be the main revenue source, the channels and audiences is constantly changing to meet the technological demands of the market.

The only new constant is data

With every new channel, activity or initiative comes an abundance of new data.

But how do media companies leverage the vast amounts of data that can be gathered every second and how do they establish a strategy around the data which can provide organizational value in both real time and in fueling ways to financial success on the long term?

To answer these questions, we have gathered some of the finest minds in media to give their take on where data is taking the media industry.

Welcome to the future of media


09:00 – Welcome by Steen Rasmussen

09:10 – Why Financial Times put more focus on measurement by Tom Betts – Financial Times

10:05 – Changing playing field by Astrid Illum – Kristeligt Dagblad

10:40 – Break and networking 

11:00 – Measurement Trends in Media by Casper Radil and Jomar Reyes – IIH Nordic

11:40 – "The impact of digital on traditional media" by Thomas Gynild - Danske Medier Research

12:10 – Q&A panel moderated by Jomar Reyes - IIH Nordic

13:00 – Sandwich and networking 

Practical information

Venue: Artillerivej 86, 2300 Kbh S

Duration: 4 hours

Service: Sandwich

Max participants: 30

Price: 1500 DKK

   Meet Tom Betts

Chief Data Officer, Financial Times

In September 2015 The Financial Times appointed Tom Betts as chief data officer (CDO), a new position created in recognition of the vital role that data and customer intelligence plays at the FT.

With this Tom became the first CDO to join the FT executive board, which oversees the company’s global strategy and performance.

Tom specifically oversees the strategic use of customer data and research across the organisation. He also helps identify growth opportunities as well as experimenting and testing new ideas with the aim of building audiences and revenues.

In addition to supporting product development, advertising and audience engagement with data insight, Tom and his team creates new tools to democratise the use of data across the business.

Astrid Illum  Meet Astrid Illum 

Digital Analyst at Kristeligt Dagblad

Astrid Illum is the digital analyst at Kristeligt Dagblad, where she is responsible for delivering actionable insights tailored to the specific needs of all parts of the digital business – including marketing, editors, ad department and web development. 

Besides several years of experience in analytics, Astrid has a background in strategic communication and web communication, which gives her a strong understanding of the interplay between technical issues, commercial goals and audience desires.

  Meet Casper Radil

Senior web analytics specialist, IIH Nordic

A PhD Fellow and an experienced lecturer at the University of Copenhagen, Casper Radil combines both academic disciplines with the commercial world. He is currently writing his thesis on media studies with a special focus audience and fan base development.

As a data scientist at IIH Nordic, Radil develops both sociological and web data models to produce invaluable audience insights and trends. His work has recently been applied to an in-depth study and recommendations for a major broadcast TV network.

  Meet Jomar Reyes

Partner Relations Manager, IIH Nordic

Jomar has 8 years of experience in magazine publishing with the Digital Media World Magazine as Head of Business Development & Marketing. He has been an active practitioner with insights and media production throughout the evolution of the digital age. He started his career at IBM, ACNielsen and in recent years worked with content marketing at Saxo Bank’s as editor and TV producer.

At IIH Nordic, Jomar runs Marketing Automation initiatives and strategies for IIH Nordic and it’s clients.