Video for Content Marketing

Understand the Power of Media

Morning Brief August 23, 8.45 - 10.30 am CET

This is a free introduction to our full day Video for Content Marketing Workshop. More details here.


“Video attracts 3x as many monthly visitors, doubles their time on site, and increases organic traffic from search engines by 157%.” (Salesforce)


With the advent of smartphones and tablets online video is becoming an influential marketing medium. How can today’s marketers produce and integrate video content into their strategy?



Producing video content can be an overwhelming task for today’s marketer, there is increasing pressure for marketers develop a video strategy. Video will soon be an essential tool for virtually all brands, rather than just a competitive advantage.

"Video communicates feelings, personality and services in a whole new way compared to text. That´s why today, video is exploding all over the web,” Luca Rasmussen – Head of Marketing – 23


Technology has made video production tools and the distribution of content more accessible.

From live broadcasts, video on demand to brand documentaries and corporate communications, technology is now available to empower brands to continuously educate, influence and inspire audiences with greater reach on any online digital media device 24/7. 

This session will highlight the use of smartphones, DSLR’s, audio and lighting for production. It will also focus on ways that companies can distribute their content through social media, company websites and landing pages, email and marketing automation.

Morning Brief

  1. Introduction to the power of Video/TV/Film
  2. Storytelling from 30 seconds to 30 minutes
  3. The impact of the internet - YouTube SWOT
  4. 23 Video Platform review

Practical information

Venue: Artillerivej 86, 2400 Cph S

Duration: 1 hour 45 minutes

Service: Coffee and croissants

Max participants: 40

Price: Free


  • Jomar Reyes - TV/Film Producer
  • Martin Trasmundi - Online Video Advertising

  Meet Jomar Reyes

Marketing automation strategist, IIH Nordic

Jomar has 8 years of experience in magazine publishing with the Digital Media World Magazine as Head of Business Development & Marketing. He has been an active practitioner with insights and media production throughout the evolution of the digital age. He started his career at IBM, ACNielsen and in recent years worked with content marketing at Saxo Bank’s as editor and TV producer.

At IIH Nordic, Jomar runs Marketing Automation initiatives and strategies for IIH Nordic and it’s clients.

  Meet Martin Trasmundi

Digital Business Advisor, IIH Nordic

Martin has 10 years experience working with online marketing. Through the ongoing evolution and growth of online video he has gained industry recognition as an expert with YouTube advertising, speaking at conferences and being interviewed by online media publications. A recent Interview has been nominated for an SEMAward.

At IIH Nordic, Martin works as a Digital Business Advisor integrating online strategies for global brands with best practices that include Analytics, SEO, SEM, PPC, content marketing and marketing automation.


     Meet Luca Rasmussen

Head of Marketing, 23

Luca is Head of Marketing in the visual sharing company, 23. Not only is he responsible for setting up 23’s video marketing strategy, he also has experience in assisting some of Denmark’s leading global brands, setup their online video infrastructure with 23Video technology.