Mød kongen af A/B testing til WAW 17. juni


Det er snarere reglen end undtagelsen, at Craig Sullivans præsentationer lægger salen ned til stående applaus – og vi forventer intet mindre, når kongen af A/B testing gæster København til WAW den 17. juni. Et oplæg ingen må gå glip af!

Vi har spurgt Craig om hans forhold til Danmark og lokket ham til at give os et par gode råd om A/B testing. Få resten på WAW den 17. juni, hvor Craig indtager scenen som aftenens største indslag.


So what brings you to Copenhagen?

Well I met Steen from IIH a few years ago on the speaking circuit and we’ve met a lot since then. He kindly invited me to an event you guys ran before, and it was packed. I was surprised at the depth and breadth of highly technical and passionate people in the analytics and optimisation space in Denmark. It reminded me of home.

Where is home?

I live in London but my real home is Scotland. Just like Denmark – a small nation, that punches above it’s weight, the people get everywhere around the world and they have prior experience over the centuries of dressing up in authentic costumes to scare English people (laughs).

Have you been to Denmark a lot?

A very great friend, Michael Aagaard, lives here and I’ve had the pleasure to hang out with him, do work together and learn, play and figure hard stuff out. It’s been a pleasure to be here and to walk around the city and spend time not presenting – so I’ve grown to love the place. This will be my 6th visit to Copenhagen, so I’m looking forward to it.

So what are you talking about?

Well, my presentation is going to be about what ‘Really Grinds My Gears’ – the stuff that really annoys me about testing, how it’s being done and what’s going wrong with most efforts. I see some big companies making elementary mistakes and they’re being out-manoeuvred by smaller companies, doing it right. Optimisation is a great leveller – money doesn’t rid you of stupidity.

What sort of stupid things?

Common problems like not figuring out the ‘problem domain’ before you start ‘applying fixes’ – not figuring out the best places to start testing, continue testing or expand testing. Running the numbers and doing the preparation and groundwork are essential if you’re not going to largely waste all your testing efforts.

Many companies also test in ways that lead to false positives or negatives. They’ll then bet their business strategy on what the A/B test ‘told’ them and if it was illusory, they’ve now changed strategy based on a mistaken assumption. Wow – this is bad and it happens a lot.

I could go on (and I will) about these kind of problems but it boils down to not testing enough, not testing in the right places, not testing the right stuff and not checking the test itself isn’t broken horribly. I’ve made all these mistakes so I’m not poking holes in the work of others – I learned brutally and unforgivingly how rubbish my work was and spent a long time continually improving it. Hopefully those that come to my session (or the workshop on the 18th) will learn from my mistakes and what I did to get out of bad testing habits.

What’s your best advice for optimisers in Denmark?


Read, consume, absorb, understand, extend, augment and build your knowledge. If you’re not challenging your comfort zone about what you are doing (and feeling it needs to improve) then you’re not working yourself hard enough. To keep even current requires an effort to be always improving your work and understanding how the work of others can be integrated with your efforts and insights. If you’re open to improving, this will sound natural to you.


Get involved in the community of analytics and optimisation folks in Denmark. Meeting people at events has created this mesh of people, contacts and great friends I’ve built over the years. When I exceed the boundary of my knowledge, it’s good to know who is better than me or who knows more than I do. That’s where your network comes in: “I don’t know but I know someone who’s the best at this”. Building that social glue for yourself will pay you back as well as you treat and deal with the people you meet. Karmic.


Give away what you learn. Everything. All of it. For Free. The more you give away to people who need the knowledge more than you do, the more you get back in terms of relationships, contacts and business yourself. Don’t hoard knowledge or assume that you know better – be open, share, give freely and you will receive the greatest gift of all.

One final note – always assume that people don’t care where you are located.  This is very true of optimisation and analytics specialists – companies don’t care as much about physical presence. This means you should be competing freely for business across Europe and given the high standard of English in Denmark, those English speaking markets especially. If you have a good service to provide, get out there and sell it. If you’re good, I can guarantee you that people will NOT find that out if you DON’T do work for them. Assume any piece of business can be brought home to Denmark!

We look forward to seeing you in June then!

Yes – I’m really looking forward to WAW on the 17th. Steen has put a great line-up together, and I’ll do my best as keynote speaker to wrap it all up in style.

I’m also giving a master class on the 18th – a full day for a few select people. If you want to know pretty much everything I know about A/B testing and website optimisation, join the master class here.

Glæd dig til WAW!

Du kan godt glæde dig til WAW. En aften med med passionerede talere, godt til ganen, hygge og networking med hele online-branchen. Det er den 17. juni fra kl. 15:30.

Du kan tilmelde dig lige her – og det er gratis.


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