AI-Driven Marketing: Innovate, Accelerate, Dominate

Once again we open the doors at Google’s Copenhagen office for this exclusive second edition of our half yearly events with Google designed for digital marketing leaders and tech influencers to give them the latest cases, low hanging fruits and must win digital battles right now. 

We will do our best to cut through the noise and deliver a series of very target updates to deliver that extra value and insight to help you make the right decisions to kickstart the second halt of the year. 

Join us as we dive into how cutting-edge AI technologies can transform your marketing strategies and drive substantial business growth.

19. juni 2024

08:30 - 11:30

Google CPH - Sankt Petri Passage 5

What to Expect

  • Inspiring Kickoff: Start your morning with Steen’s insightful welcome, focusing on the transformative power of AI and the importance of strategic innovation.
  • Google’s AI Innovations: Birgitte from Google will provide insights into their latest AI advancements, complete with case studies and compelling videos.
  • Strategic AI Roadmap: Learn from Robert of IIH about crafting a robust AI implementation strategy that ensures sustainability, scalability, and quick results, while avoiding common pitfalls.
  • Marketing Jumpstart: Julianna will reveal funding opportunities to kickstart your AI journey with Google, detailing the qualifying criteria for these programs.
  • AI as a Marketing Accelerator: Christian from IIH will demonstrate how generative AI can accelerate your marketing efforts, driving efficiency and creativity.
  • Future Trends: Lars from IIH will offer a forward-looking perspective on the future of AI in marketing, helping you stay ahead of the curve.
  • Actionable Takeaways: Conclude with Steen’s wrap-up session, where you’ll receive practical calls to action to implement in your marketing strategies.


This event is an unmissable opportunity to network with peers, gain valuable insights, and return to your organization with actionable strategies to leverage AI for substantial marketing success. Secure your spot now and prepare to revolutionize your marketing approach!

Secure your ticket today, since we know from experience that they will go fast.


Our events are usually popular, and we don’t always have enough tickets for everyone. Therefore, we reserve the right to cancel tickets ordered by competitors, freelancers, and students.

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