IIH Nordic x Google in Norway

Activating data with AI in 2024: How to get ahead of the herd – Oslo

Join some great IIH Nordic profiles and clients for a day of immersion as we discuss and navigate the changing landscape of data and artificial intelligence. 

With the market changes and the influx of new technology, we are currently in a situation of both enormous opportunities, but also great risks.

28. februar 2024

10:00 - 14:30

Bryggegata 6
0250 Oslo

Google Oslo x IIH Nordic

What to expect?

The day begins with insights into Google’s 2024 vision, followed by discussions on the symbiotic relationship between data and AI. 

Discover the essentials of building a robust data foundation and dive into the intricacies of attribution, media planning, and campaign tracking.

After a networking lunch, explore personalization and AI activation and push the boundaries with real-world examples. 

Dive into the world of activated digital marketing and end the day with a dynamic panel discussion and networking opportunity. 

Join us on a concentrated but insightful journey and be on the frontline of data and AI in 2024.

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